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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 13, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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. a 13-day-old baby dies and her mother is out of jail. the latest on a disturbing case out of pinellas county. and a terrifying experience for a woman in south florida after dropping a can into the water. she is bitten by an and we will take you out live to ybor city as a piece of tampa history gets a fresh start. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay." >> jen: good morning, welcome to "good day tampa bay." 7:00 on a saturday morning i am jen epstein filling in for anjuli davis. >> alcides: and i am.
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mike bennett in for lindsay milbourne. >> mike: musical chairs. >> alcides: how is it looking throughout is? >> mike: not too bad. it is a nice start to the day. not as warm and humid as the last couple of days and you will notice that, but certainly not a whole lot of cloud cover out there either. you start to see the sun off in the distance and starts to make its way up. sunrise just a couple of minutes ago and look at the satellite and radar over the last 12 hours or so. last night we saw some big storms migrate their way inla rain chances today lower than they have the last couple of days. high temperatures back up into the low 90s. so it will be hot today. stay hydrated. stay hydrated in the seven-day forecast. the seven-day coming up in just a bit. new this morning, tampa police remain on the scene of a deadly crash involving a car and a pedestrian. police tell us the pedestrian was trying to cross the street when they were hit. the incident happened on 50th street north and broadway
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closed from broadway to distribution drive for the next several hours while police investigate. a pinellas county mother charged with manslaughter will be are he leased from jail but will not be going home according to the sheriff's office. kathleen steele will be in protective custody and sent to an undisclosed location. on monday steele's 6-year-old son beat his 13-day-old sister to death after being -- after being left in a hot car with their 3-year-old authorities have not discussed how long steele will be in protective custody? south florida a woman remained hospitalized after she was bitten by an alligator. the incident happened friday in northwest broward county. a 49-year-old woman was in an area only accessible by boat when she was attacked by a gator. the woman is currently in critical condition. fire rescue officials said she was bitten on the hand. they add that the gator nearly
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reached into the water. >> this woman apparently dropped a can into the water. she was standing on the dock, dropped a can into the water. and as she reached in to retrieve the can, that's when she was bitten by the alligator. >> the official said the alligator measured 4 to 5 feet long. alligator attacks are considered rare and visitors nearby speculated that the woman agitated to provoke an attack. the manager of a popular bar in downtown st. pete has died after being run over by garbage truck. 44-year-old justin mastery was killed friday morning near his home on treasure island. deputies say the driver, 37-year-old chester tensil ii did not see him cross the road. mastery was a well-known manager at a bar that his family own. friends and family say he was laid back and had a quick wit. >> a guy like him, you can't help but create a vacuum when he is gone. lie i said, he was a great
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members of that garbage truck driver say he is devastated about what happened. no charges are been filed. alcohol and drugs does not appear to be a factor, but investigation, of course, is ongoing. a 5 50-foot-wide depression in hudson is all filled in, but that has done little to relax neighbors. the hole opened up early friday outside a duplex on mediterranean court. county officials say the homeowners were out of town at the time. property, something the owner also are to fix with their insurance company. this is not the first time the ground has opened up there. in 2009, things were even worse. the new homeowners were aware of the sinkhole according to representatives, but they thought it was prepared. a hernando county man under arrest for falsely reporting a bomb and then trying to blame someone else for doing it. he called a spring hillwin dixie saying there was a bomb
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there was no explosive device. after a months-long investigation, they detected the call back to hughes. he spoofed a woman's phone number that he had a grudge against -- to make it look like she actually made that call. hughes is facing multiple charges. deputies in sarasota county are trying to cut back on the number of repeat offenders that come through their prison d doors. starting a new program to help inmates battling drug addi addiction. it will be combined with counseling and doses of vivitrol, a prescription drug that can reduce the dependency on drugs. looking to help inmates that are addicted to heroin. they have seen a large number overdoses in the county. >> the largest consequence in what we are trying to avoid is the resulting death that occurs because of their addiction. >> the program will begin soon and inmates must agree this drug court that they want the help and will need to go to
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shot. cities across the country seem to be open to decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana and the city of lakeland is considering it as well. tampa, st. petersburg and orlando have already done it. but lakeland commissioners are split on this issue. the chief of police is not wavering at all. they are against decriminalization and how it can affect young people. listen in. >> it is important that we send the right message. in fact, we are saying the opposite. >> alcides: commissioners are holding -- excuse me -- commissioners are holding a public meeting on decriminalization at a later date. ask the polk county sheriff grady judd to speak at it. in citrus county, detectives are looking for a man believed to be involved in a counterfeiting case. right now they want to talk with 31-year-old lleyton baron. somebody paid for room in cash at the crystal river mow fell.
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money was fake. while cleaning the room he says he found more money in a trash can. good news for those who want to watch the rays game at the sports bar in st. petersburg. the doors are back open after shutting down for health code violations. the popular hangout on central avenue was shut down on thursday after state officials found nearly 30 violations. nine of them by the way were considered high priority. they included insects and rodent droppings found in the outside bar areas. the bar was order closed until things got all cleared up. a new airport app is being tested at tia. used to make the customs process for travelers a whole lot easier. passengers can scan their passports and answer custom questions from the mobile p passport app. once on ground they can send the information to custom officials before even stepping foot in the airport. the app allow users to kip the
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effective for custom agents. >> they will have that mobile app that will provide the information to our officers here on the ground a little bit earlier so that they can focus on things that may not match up. >> jen: the app works on android and iphone and tested in 15 other cities including in addition to tampa international. after disappearing for a couple of weeks, a hacker that goes by the name of provides new headache for democrats. the latest attack posted the private e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers of nearly 200 current and former dem democratic members of congress. included in those posts the phone number of house minority leader nancy pelosi. in a separate blog post, the hacker said getting into the democratic congressional campaign server was actually easier than the dnc breach.
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bill clinton coming to hillary clinton's defense surrounding her use of a private e-mail server. clinton says he knows his wife made a mistake by using the private e-mail server but he adds that the rules were different for her compared to the predecessors at the state department. while speaking in las vegas. clinton said hillary should have known there would be a different set of rules applied to her if she ran for pres president. on the republican side of things, donald trump took his campaign to pennsylvania lt the state is a key battleground in presidential elections, and the billionaire is currently behind in the poll there is. trump told the crowd he plans to watch certain parts of pennsylvania closely on election day. he wants to ensure clinton supporters don't vote multiple times citing concerns about voter fraud. >> the only way they can beat us, in my opinion, and i mean this 100% is if in certain sections of the state they
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pennsylvania judge struck down a law requiring voters to provide photo id in order to vote. still ahead, a stunning decision from a wisconsin court room. >> one of the subjects of the netflix documentary "making a murderer" could be set free in a number of weeks. treasure hits the auction block in tampa. you can be a part of it as w well. more coming up. and some may consider our weather today to be a bit of certainly good amount of sun to start the day. 73 degrees and looks like we will see a little bit more in the way of sun today and a little bit less in the way of storms. we will talk more about that in
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time now is 7:xx.. time now is 7:xx.. one of the main people featured in one of the main people sometime 7:13. in the netflix series "making of a murderer" has been set boundary. >> jen: a church has overed the con rink is of brendan dassey when he was convicted questioned without a parent present. both were convicted of rape and murder of a 25-year-old photographer teresa halbach, but many elements of the case bothered those who watched.
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questioned without his mother present and and to be eager to tell investigators what they wanted to hear. with the conviction overturned, dassey must be set free within 90 days if the state of wisconsin does not file an appeal. >> the attorneys have done an excellent job in finally persuading the court to look at the reality of what happened here. i am glad thatets get another chance at justce, and i am helpful that steven next. jennifer yen last month netflix announced the show will be getting new episodes. they are expected to follow steven avery's new legal team and insight into his life post conviction. police in maryland will resume recovery efforts. up to seven people remain unaccounted for in the rubble of a burnt-down apartment complex. crews found a third body and investigators have not identified any of the three
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after one of their ferris wheels dropped three girls in tennessee. state's department of labor say components holding the seats together in the ferris wheel had come loose. one girl remains in critical condition this morning while the other two have been released from the hospital. authorities in new mexico say a police officer has been shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop. 33-year-old jose chavez died after being airlifted to a hospital in el paso, texas. the police officer had just arrived passenger in the car got out and fired several shots. three men have been arrested. state police in virginia say six bodies have been recovered from the burnt wreckage of a plane. the private aircraft was trying to land at an airport near fredericksburg. when it came to the end of the runway and pulled back up. the plane then struck a tree line, crashed and caught fire. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and in louisiana, residents are preparing for more rain
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proved deadly. you can see how bad it is out there. louisiana governor john bel edwards has declared a state of emergency. numerous rivers including the mississippi are overflowing their banks and are having even more flooding. michael we were talking about this last hour. it looks like a tropical depression over the state right now. >> jen: it does. >> mike: i was looking at some literature yesterday and kind of an argument in some parts of the meteorology community that this has tropical it looks like a tropical storm. what is it -- if it looks like -- if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck -- it is almost like this with the tropical storm. regardless, you don't need a name to it, because it is dumping tropical-like rains across the area. here is the sky tower radar view and this is kind of -- i mean, it is heartbreaking to look at this considering how much rain they have seen. you see the -- the southern half of the state is just inundated right now with very
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purples showing up there on radar. i mean, that is some incredible rainfall occurring right now as we speak. and there has already been an incredible amount of rainfall. you look at the rainfall toe. this is going back over the last few days, and by the way the same system tat brought us rain just a few days ago. so you can see we really lucked out in term of missing the worst of it at least. more than 25 inches of rain. some spots radar is estimated more than 30 inches of rain has fallen in just the last couple of days. so we will be watching that closely certain lever over the next couple of days. for the month 4.78 inches. we are running above average for the month and above average for the year mainly 10 inches above average for year. weather headlines flooding. ongoing all weekend across louisiana. for our weather, tropics are quiet right now, but you remember 12 years ago today,
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punta gorda. $15 billion worth of damage with that. you look at this. you look at today. obviously a lot quieter than that. more of a typical summer pattern through the weekend. dur rent temperatures 77. dew point at 72. relative humidity at 80%. barometer 30.02 inches and wind out of the east southeast at 3 miles per hour. 75 in westchase. 74 in new tampa. 72 in sun city center. 74 in brooksville. 73 in inverness. 74 in dade city. 7 76 in sarasota. 74 for new north port. 73 in myacca city. 74 in arcadia. and 74 in sebring. the satellite and radar views. showers continuing to stay offshore. we are not going to worry about that at least the first half of the day. eventually we will see more in shower and storm activity making its way on shore first across the east coast and building to the west coast as we head into the afternoon. how it plays out on futurecast.
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afternoon is okay. the east coast sea breeze making its way westward with a couple of showers and storms inland. eventually making its way to the west coast later this evening. the difference today, more dry air in the atmosphere that will lower those rain chances and should push back the start time of the storms just a bit as we head throughout the day. so your recap for today, 92. a few late-day storms building west for tonight. temperatures back in the mid-70s. couple of evening showers and storms migrating off shore. and scattered afternoon downpours. boating looks okay. winds out of the southeast. gulf temperature 85. light chop on the bay. a look at your next high tide 10:17. low tide 6:20. your futurecast forecast, temperatures in the low 90s the next week or so. no big change. rain chances bounce up and down 30% today, 50% tomorrow, and 40% to 50% as we are headed to the workweek, guys cede edie
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going once, going twice. hundreds of dollars of unclaimed property is up for auction and we have a piece of it going on today. >> sorbani banergee shows us. >> this is a coin, jackie robinson and babe ruth cards. >> reporter: $700,000 worth of stuff sitting abandoned in safety deposit boxes now up for auction in tampa. >> we have stamp c >> reporter: do you know who is on the $1,000 bill in we can show but former president grover cleveland. >> reporter: were big bills to old coins, a treasure hunt for some people and others know exactly what they are looking for. >> i am looking for value. i have been studying the catalog for a week and a half. >> silver dollar. you can see some of these have been in a fire, burned. rings. >> reporter: apparently this ring. >> this stone is clean. >>reporter: is a little too small. >> but i like bigger. the bigger the better.
7:21 am
five floridians have unclaimed port. not just items like these. beyond these rooms, security deposits. last paychecks. check >> we can't hold on to them for ever. we credit the cash to the person's account so the heir is claim it forever, indefinite leave. >> reporter: an item will be auctioned off he 15 seconds. >> opening bid has a i would say eleven lot number 43 and $850. will you get -- >>reporter: whoa, whoa, whoa, how do you talk that fast. >> a number and a filler word. give it two. give it a go, three. that creates the chant. >> reporter: you make up your own chant like you are saying. >> your own style. >> reporter: bibidy bobbity two and do i have a three. >> you got it, perfect.
7:22 am
anjerree, fox 13 news. >> the bank holds on to the item for three years and then turned over to the estate. you can register at 8:00. after the break, cities across the country are beginning to offer a texting option for contacting emergency responders. >> alcides: interesting. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. texting 9-1-1 could be america runs on dunkin'. extremely nexts 91 can be extremely valuable in emergencies. >> alcides: a few cities and states including right here in the tampa bay area have adopted this new service. fox's laura ingall has more on that. >> reporter: calling 911 in an emergency is not always possible if you are in a dangerous situation where being overheard could bring you serious harm, but texting 911 could save your life. >> some of these -- somebody is inside their house or in the
7:25 am
want someone to hear them. send a text messages and we can provide assistance to them. >> reporter: but text to 911 is not available anyone. operating parts of 36 states including puerto rico based on a call center's capability to accept text. as of mid-july. texas to 911 became available in all of new jersey where some lawmakers say the service is an important part of the public safety tool kit. >> especially when you consider situations like the orlando florida night club shooting when people were hiding and trying to send messages f >> if you are an active sho shooter. you can imagine we are getting live information coming in from a text 911 about how many people are in a room, how many shooters there are, if anybody is hurt. >> reporter: many major cities like new york still don't have the technology because it requires major infrastructure work, including swapping out the current wire system to a digital one which city leaders say could take millions of dollars and two years to complete. the fcc requires mobile providers to allow customers to
7:26 am
all call centers can accept the messages, groups like the national emergency number association have some concerns. >> my number one concern is just false per accepting of your ability to text to 911. the second concern that i have is that there needs to be leadership in communities across the country, state level, and even in congress to ensure that texting is available for all consumers. >> reporter: and unless spelled out, texting in an emergency doesn't provide the detailed location information that a land line does which is why dispatchers say call when you can, text when you can't. laura ingall, fox news. >> alcides: sarasota and hernando county have text-to-911 capabilities. hillsborough county is working to have the service available by next summer and pinellas by the end of 2017 and pasco says they are also looking to add the technology but do not have
7:27 am
>> jen: great idea. >> alcides: expensive but a great idea. the zika virus is even more prevalent in south florida. >> jen: one tampa's most unique structures is expected to reopen today. kellie cowan is live in ybor city for us. hey, kellie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. this has been closed down for more than seven years and today it is opening up at 10 a.m. it is going to be a huge celebration for the opening, and we will be talking about the history of the pool, and the future coming up. the future coming up. day out there. plenty of sun right now. more sun to come this afte afternoon, but eventually, we will start to see a couple of showers popping up. we will detail that in a full
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from tampba
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news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning and thank you so much for joining us on this saturday on good day tampa bay. i am. >> alcides: >> jen: i am jen up teen is. a check with mike in just a moment. but a pinellas county mother charged with manslaughter will be released from jail but will not be going home. according to the sheriff's office kathleen steele will be placed in protective custody but will be placed in undisclose load occasion. her 6-year-old son beat her 13-day-old baby to death. a scary one. a woman is in critical condition after being attacked by an alligator. officials say she dropped a can in the everglades, and when she reached down to get it. she was bitten by a nearly f five-foot gator. the woman's hand was almost amputated and the only reason she didn't fall into the water was because her friend were holding on to her.
7:31 am
save the woman's hand at a broward county hospital. a one-day social media campaign to celebrate tampa bay, all the things that make the 813 area code special. the county is asking people to post photos what they think makes 813 a great place to be. first they must put 813 day on their photo to display their pride. county officials say the tampa bay lightning, the bucs, the storm and amalie arena will all be tak early and you are kind of wondering why it is 813 day. because it is august 13. >> alcides: i like it. >> mike: my voice changed for a second there. >> jen: really excited. >> mike: i was thinking about this. >> alcides: uh-oh. >> 727 day. >> poor pinellas county. >> i guess could you. >> mike: i don't remember having it. >> alcides: i think tampa is
7:32 am
social media. >> mike: next year you will see that. . >> alcides: i think you should make that clear. time laps -- not time lapse. beach cam view right now shows the sunshine shining over the beach. good day to be at the beach today. certainly you get plenty of sun the first half of the day. here is the forecast, 81 by 9 a.m. by noon, 89. temperatures getting into the low 90s. about a 30% chance of rain as we head to 5 p.m. few late-day storms building west. half of your weekend. we will talk about that in the full forecast coming up. an ybor city landmark will reopen after a 3.1 million facelift. the cascading pool was boarded up in 2009 after leaks and cracks forced city officials to close down the historic pool. kellie cowan is live with this grand opening. kellie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, alcides.
7:33 am
and i am really excited because i have already been inside there and know how cool the opening celebration will be and all the pool floaties and pretty amazing and will show you that at 8:00. but out here right now i have heather erickson. the athletics and aquatic manager for the city of tampa and we will be talking about just how unique this pool is, built in 1937, and why it was so important for the city to save all of this >> i think if you grew up here in tampa in the ybor area, this is the delight on some of the folks' faces. i am really looking forward to because cascadian park is the park you went to. you grew up there. preserving that from the generations before, and now we are pretty excited that we have the next generations that are going to have an opportunity just like they did. >> reporter: can you talk to me about -- it doesn't look like this has really changed much since 1937. seems like even though i know
7:34 am
of updates, but you really kept the structure intact. why was that so important? >> well this -- like i said this was really the heartbeat of our aquatic system. with a this was one of the first few that were built in tampa. so the city has done systematically over '40s and '50s and '60s done a good job of preserving the integrity of that building which is so important you don't turn your back on it now. >> reporter: so cool looking. you can see if we can zoom out wide. structure of it. it just looks like something from another time period because it is. and then there is also one of the most unique things about it is the fact that it is above ground, and if you can see, you have got this part jetting up here. when we show the pool shots, may not be as noticeable. it is above ground. can you talk to me about that because you really don't see that. >> you really don't. we are fortunate in tampa, we have two.
7:35 am
ray jenkins pool. and now cascadan, same architect. we are very familiar with what we needed to do to preserve it, but it is something that if you are bringing somebody to. it and they are visiting, please check out one of these two pools, because they are beautiful and they are unique and they are not going to see them anywhere else in the country. >> yeah, and not just like any other day at the pool why not spend it at a historic site and spend it at the pool. very quickly before i let you go, how much will that cost someone if off friend in town and you want to stop by t pool here. >> 2to $4. >> reporter: not bad. $2 to $4. i will easily go to a pool at a 1937 revival structure. pretty amazing, guys. >> alcides: that is a steal. 2to $4 bucks. i can't wait for to you go inside to see the pool itself. i think so in the next hour. >> reporter: yeah, for sure. >> alcides: kellie, thanks so much. see nut next hour. from the new pool to king of the pool. this guy is no joke.
7:36 am
three-way tie for the silver medal in the 100-meter butterfly. singapore's justin schooling set an olympic record and within the country's first medal in swim. phelps final race for the 4 x 100-freestyle rely relay. he is up to 27. 27 career medals, 22 of which are gold. >> jen: incredible. if michael phelps is the olympic >> alcides: she is outstanding. >> jen: katie ladec y as queen. she is winning gold at every turn. she shattered the world record mark in the 800 freestyle. in the process joined debby liar as the only woman in the suite to sweep the 200, 400 and 800-meter free at the same olympics. wow. >> alcides: pretty amped about it.
7:37 am
another gold rallying on the final lap to upset swimmer tahika huzu. won it with a time of 2:5. and with the win, she nows that four medals at the rio games. good for her. >> jen: friday with the track-and-field. american michelle carter claimed the world record on final throw. stepped in the circle and threw 30.6 meter '20s earn. she is a certified professional make-up artist and nicknamed the shot diva. a new title. the first u.s. olympic shot put fwold medalist. >> alcides: wow. >> jen: their hard work paying off. team usa fifth atop with 50 medals of all, 20 of which are gold. china, japan, britain and
7:38 am
>> alcides: it is not over yet. 7:37. other news. the number of locally acquired cases of the zika virus in florida have jumped to 28, that number rising by 3 on friday. it is believed that one of the cases -- one of the new cases may have originated outside of miami's wynwood neighborhood. >> jen: prompted a visit from the nation's top doctor. >> reporter: a roomful of pregnant women. protect the unborn child. >> reporter: they are meeting to get tested for zika and to talk about how to protect their babies. >> i will do what it takes, no matter what. i have to do it to protect our first baby. >> reporter: who better to ask questions about zika but the u.s. surgeon general. dr. murphy. dr. murphy is in miami talking to expecting moms. >> making sure you are wearing repellent. it means making sure you are getting rid of stagnant water around your home.
7:39 am
them calls and taking off. the aerial assault continues spraying to kil adult mosquitoes, this as another part of the. zika hot zone is cleared by the health department. >> they can come back out and get back to life. regularly scheduled progr programming. >> reporter: rainbow village apartments within the southwest corner of the hot zone deemed sfwleebinga-free. but the news is not good. wynwood, an outdoor space, two employees ar they are back open and fighting back with something a bit stronger than bug spray. >> this turns our solution into a mist. we don't want to spray. we want to mist. we want a aerate as much as we can. >> jen: while wynwood has been declared a zika hot spot, panic has died down giving a sense of relief. the neighborhood is preparing for a busy artwalk this weekend. in puerto rico, officials have confirmed more than 1900 new cases of the zika virus
7:40 am
now to 10,690. so scary if you are living in puerto rico. the u.s. surgeon general says 25% of the people on the island could be infected by the end of the year. wow. coming up, the you cigar industry goes back again rages in ybor city new federal regulations may hurt the historic industry. find out how the cigar business will have to change when we come back. a using tubes of cream. why federal prosecutors say tampa bay was ground zero. >> this is truly the case of greedy fraudsters picking the pocket of families.
7:41 am
7:43 am
earlier this week -- some new.. earlier this week some new and much tougher rules for tobacco manufacturers were announced by the fda. the feds want to approve all tobacco products that previously gone unregulated. e-cigarettes, hookahs and h hand-rolled cir ones famously made here in tampa. local companies are stressed out trying to find a way to comply. >> alcides: s a fox 13's crystal clark spoke to some of the owners who say the change may send them out of business. >> reporter: one by one, each cigar is rolled and cut with precision, creating the special blend at tavenaro's cigar is no secret recipe. >> good tobacco, passionate rollers and great energy and vibe here in the factory.
7:44 am
ingredients could throw off the balance. as of monday, the fda wants to approve every tobacco product not already regulated. >> we are kind of like mi microbrewers. we do things different and we -- we take the risk of experimenting. >> reporter: the bigger variety comes with a bigger price tag. each type of cigar and each size it is sold in for fda approval. submission fees run from 1400 to 2200 dollars a pop. >> you have to keep in -- you have to send thousand cigars. and that is money for a small guy. >> reporter: at risk of losing thousands of cigars and thousands of dollars just to keep selling his product, maseda must weigh the cost and benefit but it is not alone. >> in the lab mixing up new flavors for the last month or so. >> reporter: mike of tampa vapors did mike many products, to beat the launch of new rules, despite not being a
7:45 am
must also be tested and banning vape shops from offering free samples to customers. >> makes it difficult to sell our products to people who aren't aware of it. >> reporter: he is working around the rules by charging $.50 a day for taste test. to comply, meeting the cost alone seems like a nearly impossible task. >> hard to compete with the big guys. >> alcides: the new rules include a ban on e-cigs for miners and require new la labelling details a argue new rules are in place so people know what they are inhaling. mobsters often treated florida as their sunny home away from.ho >> jen: why one former mafia boss is calling boca raton h
7:46 am
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new this new this morning, tragedy in texas after a 7-month-old child dies in a hot suv. the boy was left inside all day as his dad went to work at a san antonio-area wal-mart. his father told investigators that he forget to drop off the boy at a day care.
7:49 am
the day there. so far no charges have been filed, at least 27 kids have died across the country in hot cars this year. the alleged head of the philadelphia mafia family is free this morning. a federal judge granted joseph molino otherwise known skinny joey on $5 million jail. the 54-year-old is required to live at his boca raton home and wear an ankle brace he has been permitted to work at his restaurant there. >> alcides: did you tee it. love it or hate him. alec rodriguez played his final game as a yankee. it was cut short because of rain. a-rod hit a rbi double and play one out at third base against the rays. it was perfect actually because -- he actually left that game with a standing ovation. right now a-rod sits with 696 home runs.
7:50 am
i have heard online -- i mean just rumors that the marlins are interested. >> jen: really. >> alcides: four runs away from 700. wade boggs did it with the r rays. interesting. to see how it plays out. >> mike: the one issue with the marlins don't have the dh. the same thing. i am going to get out of this conversation. [ laughter ] >> mike: we could just talk about this for a while. >> alcides: we could. i never seen this before -- she is going to roll back. there she is. hi. >> mike: if you watch the pregame. i wish you had the audio because jen, would you even appreciate this. they are announcing them and you see the whole stadium, black clouds over the stadium and they announce his name, and there was the louder crack of
7:51 am
announce his name. and it kind of -- goes with it. such a controversial figure. and -- >> jen: oh, wow. >> mike: kind of interesting. >> alcides: are you interested now. >> jen: i am interested now. i felt like your conversation was a little over my head so i thought i would roll out of this one. >> alcides: roll away. >> mike: we tried -- >> jen: you left me at rh. >> mike: dh, designated hi hitter. >> alcid the field. he just hits. 250 much baseball 101. take it away, mike. >> mike: hospital camera, you can see the sunshine out there. beautiful start to the day.a look at the sky towerer radar view showing that we have no rain across the area right now. so all is dry to start the day, and it will stay this way for -- for quite some time. it is later on today we may tart to see some hours. 77 degrees the current temperature.
7:52 am
75 in brandon. 75 in wesley chapel. 75 in brooksville. highs in the low to mid-90s. a hot afternoon. somewhat humid. not as humid as the last couple of days. a bit of a drop in the humidity department, but overall still pretty hot out there. late afternoon and evening when we start to see those showers rolling in. 92 for our high for tonight. 77. a couple of evening storms kind of migrating offshore. for the day tomorrowe scattered afternoon thunderstorms. and voting, not bad. wind outs of the southeast 10 knots. gulf temperature 85. just remember as those storms kind of roll in late today, you may want to make your way on shore toward mid to late afternoon. low tide 6:20. your seven-day forecast. rain chances about 30% today. up to 50% for tomorrow. we start off next week kind of bouncing back and forth.
7:53 am
head throughout the workweek. >> alcides: thanks, mike. classes are under way in introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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elementary -- thanks, guys -- in tampa got a big surprise. free school supplies. mike feel was there and every one of the 840 students got a new backpack full of supplies. >> we are here at pizz o elementary to handled out more than 800 backpacks to elementary students who will be starting school this week. in each of the bags, we have 20 basic food supplies from folders to notebooks to pencils to glue sticks. everything that kids need to succeed in the classroom. the kids that need -- the kids in need foundation's mission to make sure that every student have the tools they need to learn and succeed in the classroom. what we do is team up with partners across the country in order to get the backpacks into the hands of these students. >> give me a high five.
7:57 am
this is essentially christmas in august and we get to hand out backpacks. see the smiling faces and it is more than exciting. we just feel that it is important for students to have the essentials. >> you want the orange, don't you? >> so they can perform in the clays room every day. we don't want them to be stressing if they have a pencil to do their test or if they have a piece of paper at home to complete their homework. >> have a great school year. >> the kids in need foundation made this all possible. it is a has given $800 million in school supplies to 5 million school supplies to 5 million students
7:58 am
7:59 am
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y22rfy yy6y an unthinkable from tampa's in one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." a 13-day-old baby killed by her big brother. now her mother is out of jail. we will tell you why coming up. reopens today after a very expensive facelift.


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